Christopher Taylor’s precise flowing rhythms and graceful melodies leave one suspended in a timeless journey. Metaphysical and eclectic, energizing and calming at the same time. Once again, Christopher’s songwriting evolves as he moves from guitar and drums to step behind the hammered dulcimer, adding percussive melodies into the texture of his sound. 

Christopher takes his listeners one step further with his new release, “Pure Shakti,” the follow-up to the title track of his forthcoming “Path to Serenity” EP. This new collection of instrumental music follows up his successful 2023 album, “Remains to be Seen, Volume 1,” and “Remains to be Seen, Instrumentals, Volume 1.” EP. 

Gentle and mysterious, “Pure Shakti” is a journey through the subtle energies within one's creativity. The musical journey is calming yet energizing as the listener takes the the mystical path within. Christopher's new direction takes the listener on a sonic journey through time with interesting new arrangements and instrumentation, most notably the addition of the udu drum, an implosive and obscure instrument native to Nigeria.

According to Christopher, “This music came into being after purchasing a unique hammered dulcimer. Once it arrived, it's tone immediately inspired a new phase in my musical journey.” 

As the name implies, “Path to Serenity” makes the perfect addition to your spiritual destination playlist, to ease the mind, calm the nerves, and turn off the noise of the outside world. 


Christopher Taylor




“My vision was to bring purpose to my life... and convey a message of healing and hope to the lives of others.” - Christopher Taylor 

People frequently associate passion with romantic love, but the actual definition of passion is “a strong and barely controllable emotion.” It would be fair to state that Christopher Taylor has a great passion for music.  

Starting out on drums, Christopher was able to use rhythms to express his inner feelings. He later took up guitar and hammer dulcimer as his songwriting evolved into a message of healing and hope. It is no wonder that he would one day use music to inspire others.  

Christopher writes music that is uplifting, conscious, rhythmic, soulful, and inspiring. His early influences included; The Moody Blues, Cat Stevens, and Supertramp… though he realized at a young age that he wanted to create his own authentic style of music.  

“Moving, insightful and extraordinarily original. Christopher Taylor's album "Remains to be Seen" is a glimpse into the mysteries of the soul… coupled with exceptionally talented musicians that make this album a must have.” April Miranda KVMR (89.5) Mountain Beat Radio (  

To capture the magic, Christopher teamed up with several world-class musicians including; Richard Handy on sax, flute and woodwinds (Carole King, James Taylor, Sting, Dave Matthews Band), M.B. Gordy on percussion (John Legend, Doobie Brothers, Common), vocalist Onyay Pheori (Grey’s Anatomy, America’s Got Talent), John DeMarco on guitar, mandolin and drums, Jack Lee on bass, guitar, vocals and keyboards (Earl Scruggs, Tracy Nelson and more). 

Christopher was more than pleased with the outcome:  

“Collaborating with these incredibly talented musicians made the producing and recording of this album a dream. We brought in some unique instruments with kettle drums on ‘Oudmon,’ the 12-string guitar on “Loves Around the Corner,” vibraphone on ‘All of Me,’ and a ceramic doombek drum on Whisper.” Inspiration is always present if we are open to embracing it, and that was the inspiration for the album title, “Remains to be Seen.”  

The album was initially released in Australia, but Christopher’s songs were still developing. He decided to rework and remix prior to releasing “Remains to be Seen, Volume One” in the US. 

The album opens with, "Love's Around the Corner," a song about determination and human courage, to persist in following your dreams even when you're feeling your lowest.  

In 2024, Christopher revisits his instrumental side with “Pure Shakti,” the follow-up to the title track of his forthcoming EP, “Path to Serenity”.   


 “Once in a lifetime, and once in a dream... For once in your lifetime, believe in your dreams.”  -

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