Christopher takes his listeners one step further with his new release, “Pure Shakti” from his forthcoming “Path to Serenity” EP, the follow-up to his successful 2023 album, “Remains to be Seen, Volume 1,” and “Remains to be Seen, Instrumentals, Volume 1.” EP. 

Metaphysical and eclectic, energizing and calming at the same time. Once again, Christopher’s songwriting evolves as he moves from guitar and drums to step behind the hammered dulcimer, adding percussive melodies into the texture of his sound. This sonic journey is made even more interesting with the addition of the udu drum, an implosive and obscure instrument native to Nigeria.

Produced by Christopher Taylor, Jack Lee, and Tony Lauria

Engineered and mixed by Tony Lauria

Christopher Taylor: Hammered Dulcimer and udu drum.

Jack Lee: Bass, Guitar (harmonics), Keyboards, Cello, Tsing Tsa, Weisenbourne Slide Guitar, Sitar, and Tamboura (sampled). 

Tony Lauria: Virtual Instrumental Orchestral Strings, Synth Colors, Cello, Bass, Nature Sounds. 

Photography: Patricia Carpizo and Christopher Taylor

Video Editor: Julian Kauffman



Christopher Taylor writes music that is uplifting, conscious, rhythmic, soulful, and inspiring. Starting out on drums, Christopher was able to use rhythms to express his inner feelings. He later took up guitar and hammer dulcimer as his songwriting evolved into a message of healing and hope.  

Christopher has teamed up with several world-class musicians to record Remains To Be Seen, Vol. 1 and Instrumentals, Vol. 1


Richard Hardy - Saxophone, flute, woodwinds (Carole King, James Taylor, Sting, Dave Matthews Band, Denver Symphony Orchestra 

* M.B. Gordy – Percussion (John Legend, Common, Beck, Soundtrack to Frozen). 

John DeMarco – Cover artwork, songwriter, singer, drummer, and multi-instrumentalist. 

*Onyay Pheori - Backing Vocals (Bravo, Lifetime, ABC, USA Network, E!, MTV, ESPN, Grey's Anatomy, America's Got Talent). 

* Engineered by Jack Lee, bass, guitar, vocals, keyboards (Earl Scruggs, Tracy Nelson and Mother Earth, Center for Spiritual Living).

“Moving, insightful and extraordinarily original. Christopher Taylor's album "Remains to be Seen" is a glimpse into the mysteries of the soul… coupled with exceptionally talented musicians that make this album a must have.” April Miranda KVMR (89.5) Mountain Beat Radio (

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Moving, insightful and extraordinarily original. Christopher Taylor's album 'Remains to be Seen' is a glimpse into the mysteries of the soul. Fresh and alive, this album features meaningful lyrics that stirs the inner questions of life coupled with exceptionally talented musicians that make this album a must have for anyone appreciating independent and original music.”

April Miranda - KMVR (89.5)/Mountain Beat Radio

Led on a dreamy journey through love and possibility, each song is a template for a better life. Christopher’s vocal richness, depth and resonance draws you in; captivating your attention as if he’s singing directly to you.”

John Stuart - Amplify Your Love

Christopher’s music is soulful, honest, and encouraging! His heartfelt lyrics uplift as well as deepen. The musical arrangements exemplify the artistry of talent and originality.”

Joy Taylor - A Soul Inspired Life

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